Dorothy Day House Shelter


DDHS Gateway Advocacy Project ( GAP )

GAP offers programs to Dorothy Day House Shelter guests and staff who are ready to begin building their future by achieving Independence and financial security with the aid and tutelage of Program Advocates. 

These programs include: 

Lift Program:

A program for Dorothy Day House Shelter guests who are ready to move to the next phase of reclaiming their independence.  Our dedicated Program Advocates guide the process of placing our shelter guests into transitional housing with our program partners, Downtown Berkeley YMCA Residence and BACS Housing Resource Center’s Rapid Rehousing Program.


Our Program Advocates will also help prepare shelter guests in the process of building ongoing independent living skill sets such as money management and budgeting, building a savings account and taking personal agency in making life enhancing decisions. 

To learn more about our services, volunteering, or if you need help, please call (510) 705-1325

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